Pâte de Verre or 'kilncasting'is an old glasstechnic.

dated 2013 until 2018 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Pate de Verre 3 bowls


3 beautifull  pate de verre bowls of glass.  How I made Pate de Verre, you can read it via my links or:  https://madebymirjamblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/hoe-maak-jij-nou-pate-de-verre-wordt-me-wel-eens-gevraagd/ ) it translate in Englisch...

Pate de Verre Orange glassbowl


Pate de Verre glassBowl in orange

Birds scale bowl


Bowl in the technic of Pate de Verre. Birds

Blue Pate de Verre Glass-scale


Blue bowl, in pate de verre glasstechnic. 

green kroos water scale


Green scale. Looks like green kroos.

Pate de Verre Glass Scale Blue White


Glass Pate de Verre technic.  A little scale in blue and white.

Pâte de Verre bowl 3 gold


Bowl of Glass, made of glass, pate de Verre, white and gold.

Pâte de Verre Birdy


Little glassbowl, made of the Pâte de Verre technic. A little Birdy.

red sugar scales


1 Little scales in pate de verre technic. red sugar. 6,7 inch  ( 17 cm).

Bowl Pâte de Verre gold1


Little bowl of glass, made by the Pâte de Verre technic.Gold

Bowls Delfs Blue Pate de Verre Glass


2 Scales from differents heights, together one set. There is working in Pate de Vere technic in blue and white glass. One bowl is 15 cm bye 4 cm heigh The little bowl is 11 cm bye 2/3 cm heigh 

Sugar in mintgreen bowls


2 bowls in mintgreen of glass in Pâte de Verre technic..........It looks like sugar.........  Price is for 2 bowls incl. shipping...... 

Seablue lace scale


Scale, Combination of fused glass and pate de verre technic. Sea colors with blue lace